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Our Corporate service is aimed at all companies that need to have a reliable, precise and punctual Financial Partner in supporting their growth. In addition to being a financial partner, we are also a structure made up of cutting-edge skills and preparation with the latest capable digital systems to develop and grow a company according to short, medium and long-term plans defined upstream

Our Customers

Who are our customers?

They are SMEs, Professionals, VAT number holders. Our services provide concrete help to what today are the needs of every corporate customer. At Elevia Investments, we have always been based on concepts such as trust, collaboration, sharing and this is the perfect time to make these values more pulsating, alive and true than ever.

Ethical and Green

Our concepts of trust, collaboration and sharing are strengthened with our commitment to projects. Observance of these concepts is of fundamental importance for the efficiency, reliability and reputation of Elevia Investments.

We are committed to promoting knowledge of these values to our people and to all those with whom we have relationships.

Elevia Investments monitors compliance with these behaviors, preparing adequate tools and procedures for information, prevention and control, ensuring the transparency of the operations and behaviors put in place, and intervening – if necessary – with corrective actions.

Credibility and reputation have an inestimable value for an international company like Elevia Investments that operates in heterogeneous economic, political, social and cultural contexts.

It is essential to clearly express common principles, values and responsibilities that guide our behavior in relations with the market, with the communities in which we operate, with the people who work with us and with those who have a legitimate interest in our activities.

These values and principles, built in the course of our history, find their synthesis.

Innovation Lab

Elevia Innovation Lab offers the possibility to experiment with an idea entrepreneurial innovation before launching it on the market and reducing the difficulties related to its start.

If you want to create a new business, if you are an entrepreneur and are aiming to set up a spin off from an existing company, if you are a researcher and wish to transform the results of your experiences into a business, ask us for help and support.

We help you verify the feasibility of your business idea and develop your start-up, for example through a whole range of services. Innovative startups have a new opportunity to grow by benefiting from the experiences and skills made available by Elevia Investments.

Elevia Innovation Lab also has all the innovative finance tools that are really advantageous and effective for SMEs.

All companies share the need to offer new and increasingly competitive solutions to the market. In order to achieve the desired results, entrepreneurs are required to undertake long and costly work paths; they are called upon to innovate and therefore to make investments.

The natural choice of the entrepreneur to find the capital necessary to support growth is to turn to banks. But the banking system is not the only tool to respond to the credit demand of companies.

We respond with all the opportunities offered by so-called finance innovative, because we believe that today it is essential to know the numerous alternatives that the market offers.

University Observatory

Elevia University Observatory’s goal is to promote and activate entrepreneurial training courses in the field of Finance, Digital, ICT aimed at creating new high-tech business initiatives.

The project aims to create and support new businesses, stimulate the spread of entrepreneurial culture and strengthen the dialectical relationship between universities and the economic system, both through the contribution of capital and relations with the market by the productive universe, and through a greater finalization of the academic research activity to the operational and applicative dimension.

The goal is to encourage the launch of new innovative startups and support those already established.

An initiative to increase the degree of innovation of the economic fabric, educate entrepreneurship and support talent, the main resource for looking at the “new” tomorrow with awareness and confidence.


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